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    I never know that my marriage will lead us to divorce

    I have always dream to be married by someone I love. I know the feeling of broken family, and I don’t want that my children will experience that too. There are times that when I recall how our love story started, it pains me and bursts into tears according to Kensington Escorts of


    I cannot imagine why we ended up like this maybe because I am not enough or she doesn’t know how to be contented. I love her so much that’s why I decided to marry her. I give everything to her even that’s too impossible. I met her in our town; she is on vacation for three months and that staying she has captured most men in our place. She has this beauty that can attract the guy attention, and I am one of them. One day, I was strolling around, and she was there with her dog according to Kensington Escorts.


    Her skin is flawlessly white, and she is a perfect view of the park. I went towards her and respectfully asked If I can sit beside her. She nodded, and I open a topic. Good for me she responded to my questions, she is kind and humble. She loves to stay there every day, and I went there to see her too. Yes, I admire her good looks and not knowing her real beauty inside. A mistake that most people fail to comprehend according to Kensington Escorts.


    We became close in time, and for three months she shows nothing but a kind heart. And now that makes me believe that every person wears a mask. That moment, I didn’t mind what’s her attitude was all that I know that we are slowly develop with each other and continue to pursue her. For three months of staying, she instantly became my girlfriend.


    At a very little time, we have done everything including making out of love. Yes, she was an easy girl, and since we are in a relationship, I thought she gave herself to me because of love. Everything seemed so smooth and went well. We are a respective family since we have a big business and one of the wealthiest in town. Her life in me is comfortable, and she can get everything she liked. I had decided to marry her before she went away and be mine.


    It was quick, but we both agree. We are now officially married and when the time she shows her real attitude. I have to know that she went to clubs and made it up to any guys. Her expenses are becoming too much every day. And the painful part is she agrees to marry me because of our wealth. I can’t take it and file a divorce. It was a mistake to marry my wife.