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    He Does Not Know This Song

    My boyfriend loves singing in the car, but to be honest, he really is a terrible singer. I hate it when he sings in the car, so I have started to get around the problem. Instead of turning on one of the popular London radios station, I have started to compile music on a USB stick. They are all of the songs that my boyfriend does not know, and it is the only thing that I play in the car. I tell that they are may favorite songs, and as the car is mine, and I am driving, he has to put up with it.

    We all have our tricks when it comes to dealing with our likes and dislikes. The other girls that I work with at London escorts have their own things that they do. I have worked with this one girl at London escorts for rather some time, and she hates the fact that her boyfriend goes out without socks. It does not matter if it freezing cold outside, he is always going out without socks. It annoys her as it makes all of the shoes smell. Now, she has started to put aromatherapy oils in all of his shoes.

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    Another girl at London escorts cannot understand how her boyfriend gets so dirty. She says that he often comes home from the pub with half a pint down his shirt. The same thing happens when he goes to work or even when they share a meal together. It seems like he is one of these people who is a natural dirt attracter, and cannot stay clean at all. I know what she means, I have a little brother who is a bit like that and when he comes to stay he is forever using the washing machine. It costs me a small fortune in water bills when he stays with me.

    Our boss here at London escorts has another annoying habit. When even we go out to a restaurant with him, he forgets what he ordered. The girls sitting next to him, always have to remember what he ordered. When the food is served up, he always insists that he has not ordered what is being served up. Needless to say, he is always wrong and after a little bit of persuasion, he remembers what he has ordered.

    We all have funny things that we do, but I am glad that I have been able to find away around my boyfriend’s silly singing. The boss could easily remember what he has ordered, but he is too busy talking and that is why he cannot remember. My London escorts friend with the sockless boyfriend makes me laugh. His feet must smell great but she does not think that he has noticed at all. The slight scent of essential oils are always following him around these days, and I guess that he cannot figure out why it is happening. Do I think it is a good idea to play tricks on your partner? A little bit of harmless fun has never hurt anybody and I guess that we all like doing that.

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