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    Adult videos – any money in them?

    Really, I don’t think there is any money in adult videos any more, says Vina from London escorts. I have been offered a few roles just because I work for London escorts, but the pay is so bad that it is not worth my time. We all need to make a bit of extra money, and when I do need some extra money, I go adult modelling. There is more money in that than there is in making adult videos these days. You can safely say that online porn movies, or videos, have sort of killed the adult movie industry.

    This is not only affecting the London porn movie industry. Some of the girls at cheap escorts in London left to become porn stars in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. To be honest, none of them made a lot of money and they are now back working for London escorts again. That says it all really. The porn industry in Los Angeles and Las Vegas used to be really good, and girls used to make a lot of money. All of that is gone now, and most adult videos are privately produced. I am not so sure if it is okay, and I often wonder about the health of the people making the movies.

    When I speak to the girls here at cheap escorts in London who used to be porn stars, they say that most amateur videos are really badly made. I have watched some of them, and I have to admit that my colleagues at London escorts are right. They are coming across as really silly, and daft. Also, I think that some of the people who are in these movies look really young, and that worries me. It is not right if they are using under age stars. The problem is that the private porn business is not regulated at all.

    It is a shame this has happened, and I am not the only one of London escorts who feel this way.

    Private porn has sort of given the entire industry a bad name. It is a shame, because lots of cheap London escorts agencies, have cleaned up their acts. Now, private porn kings and queens have really bought the industry here in London down again, and are beginning to give it a bad name. It is about time there was some sort of regulation to deal with this, but I suppose no one is really interested.

    I enjoy working for cheap escorts in London, and I think it is a real shame that we are tarred by the same brush as private porn movie makers. They may think, or at least try to promote themselves as porn stars. I know that they are not porn stars, and so do most other London escorts. We think what they are doing is wrong, and they should think about what they are doing. After all, what is the point in making a movie, if you cannot make any money out of it? Sometimes I think they have lost the plot…