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    Girls on Top!

    Escorts appreciate that it is important to give your sex life a bit of an overhaul sometimes. Most escorts appreciate that exploring different positions when you have sex with your partner a lot. Your sex life may otherwise become stale and boring, and you end up doing the same thing all the time.

    Just like other women, escorts can become bored with the standard missionary position or up against the wall, and all escorts work hard to introduce variations into their love lives. Escorts are normally good at finding out about new or variations of sexual positions, but how about you? Do you often explore a “standard” position and make it a bit more.

    During a recent survey my trusted team of escorts from charlotte action escorts found that a lot of men were not so keen on girls on top. They found that they lose a bit of control, and the woman takes over. Well, there are many different ways in which this position can be made more fun for men.

    Girls on top Take One

    The standard girls on top seemed to involve the woman sitting across the man’s pelvis and moving up an down on his cock. She may sitting facing him, or looking away from him down towards his toes. Some men do like the reverse position a bit more as the woman gets an opportunity to stimulate the man’s balls.

    Most ladies do actually use their hands to stimulate a man balls, or perhaps hold on to the bottom of his cock shaft, but an interesting variation can be to use a vibrator to stimulate your man’s balls and your clit at the same time. Most women don’t think men enjoy good vibrations but the fact is that many of them do. Next time you are in bed with your partner, try to stimulate his genital area with your vibrator and see what happens. You may even find that you have to get ready to catch.

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    Girls on top Take Two

    Facing away from your man, extend your arms backwards towards him and let him grab hold of them. This is actually a position in tantric yoga which allows your man to become a bit more involved in this position. If your man don’t like to be dominated, he will normally enjoy this position as it allows him to retake some of the control. After all, he is holding on to your arms and is holding your back so you don’t fall to far forwards.

    You need to be quite strong to hold this position but if your practice yoga this is not a problem. If, a woman at the same time applies the anal triangulation anal hold, it can further increase the pleasure for the man and he might want to try it again.

    Another good variation is for the man to come half way up, and grip his partners hips as she moves up and down on his cock. This gives an extra sense of touch, and many women find this extra bit of participation very sensual.

    Tantric partner yoga has a lot to teach us all about good sex, and you mustn’t be afraid to try a class. As a matter of fact, I am going to be in Amsterdam this September to teach classes in tantric partner yoga.