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    The company of ladies versus gents

    I have been working for a London escort agency in one way or another for about eight years now. Some girls say that they don’t enjoy escorting, but I love it. At first I was not sure that I was going to enjoy it, but I soon learned that I really enjoyed the company of gentlemen. As a matter of fact, I find going out with girls, and my girlfriends at Woodside escorts, rather boring and I would rather go out with my gents.

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    Recently I have found that I have a tough time talking to women, and I would if other women feel like that. Women gossip so much, and I don’t know what has happened to me, but for some reason I find rather talk to gents. Yes, I know that I spend a lot of time talking to gents at Woodside escorts, but at the same time, I do feel that they have something to say for themselves. I cannot say that about all of the ladies that I meet. Sometimes I even think that some women are nasty to each other or about each other.

    Also, I feel like I have learned something from the gents I have met during my time in escorting. It did not start at Woodside escorts, but I guess I have learned more there as I date a lot of regulars. Men can be pretty savvy when it comes to business, and you can say that I have learned to look after my money thanks to many of the gents I have dated throughout my escort career in London. Have I put it to good use? You bet that I have put their advice to good use in my own personal life.

    Do gents spoil their favorite escorts? All of my regular gents at Woodley escorts do spoil me a lot, and I am always getting little presents and things bought for me. It is one of the perks on the job, and I have noticed when you date women, you may not get so many gifts and presents. I find it harder to develop personal connections to women on escorts for couples dates, and I would much rather date gents on an one to one basis. I feel I have more of a personal connection to all of my gents.

    What is going to happen to me one day? I am not sure what the future is for me, but I do still enjoy working for Woodley escorts. I guess when I leave, and I will have to find myself a job. That is unless I find the perfect gent for me at the escort agency in Woodley. A couple of other escorts that I worked with have been lucky and found there dream dates or partners at the escort agency they worked for. I have my eyes on a couple of gents, and I keep on wondering if they have their eyes on me. You never know, my knight in shining armour may already be in my little black book.

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